About Me


Taylor is a writer from Edinburgh, Scotland.

She most recently graduated from Edinburgh College with a HNC in Social Sciences which she barely uses, except when trying to work out who the killer is on TV. And every time she hears a ‘I am not a feminist’ from an influential female figure.

She is currently in the process of preparing a book, which is finished, for self-publishing. With many more in development or completed and patiently waiting at some point along the progress bar.

Before turning to writing as a career and her flirt with a career in the homicide branch of the local police service Taylor dipped her toe in the idea of working with children in primary schools. Something which she quickly realised demanded more from her than she could give. Including Gaelic.

The idea of becoming a world famous singer and singing a Bond theme crossed her mind but then Adele beat her to it and it seemed too much effort. And her voice was too similar to Taylor’s anyway.

Photo © Megan Logan.


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