If you’re reading this then you probably came here for writing-related nonsense or reading-related babble.

Well, usually I would oblige but if I could grab your attention for one second to mention something else that’d be great.

If there’s one cause in the world that’s close to my heart, literally, it’s heart disease. And I’m not going to bore you here, you came here for literary delights not my life story but this March I’m joining over 12,000 (currently) people and ditching chocolate for the whole of March.

I’m not religious so I don’t care about Easter and I’m not a mother so I won’t be getting a present, but I do eat a lot of chocolate and I really shouldn’t. I’ve made up my mind to make some changes in my life and this is one of them so I thought, why not raise some cash while I’m at it.

This is all for the British Heart Foundation so please have a look, think about donating or even taking part.

On behalf of heart patients everywhere, I thank you for it!


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