I’d like to apologise for being inactive for a long while but as usual I got lost in my writing and then, before I knew it, it was Christmas.

Just after Christmas a friend of mine came to stay from the Netherlands and then I went with her to her home there and stayed for just over a fortnight. Or just over two weeks to people outside of Britain apparently, I don’t even know if the English know what that means but there you go, you learn new things all of the time.

Either way, when I came back it took me a while to settle back in. I’ve been submerging myself in episodes and books and ignoring my writing, which has been crying out to me to no avail.

However, I am back and I have a lot of ideas to put into action, which of course will stress me out so much that I’ll just sleep for two months. Hopefully I can get some posts up in between the stress-sleeping.

As a side note, I’ve been toying with the idea of posting mini-reviews of books I’ve recently read (and maybe films/TV) and wondered what you guys thought about that? Nothing serious, just short babbles.

Let me know, thank you!


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