Happy Back to the Future Day!

Great scott 3

In Back to the Future Part IIΒ Marty and the Doc landed on the 21st of October 2015 and saw so many things about the future that seemed so far fetched. The director of all three of the BttF films, Robert Zemeckis, said that he hates films about the future because they felt like someone was always keeping score. And he was right, it’s been just a few hours since the future became the past and still websites are buzzing with what did and didn’t happen.

We got wearable technology, video conferencing, wireless payments, virtual reality and drones are the ones that have most been discussed.

You’ll also find a video at this link, which will open in a new tab, showing Michael J. Fox himself trying on shoes from Nike that lace themselves that are coming soon. And if you want to read more about it, including tweets and help for the foundation in Michael’s name, you can here, which will also open in a new tab.

But the purpose of this post was because, as stuff like this does, it gets you thinking.

That’s what the future was imagined like to people back in 1989, what they thought would change in 26 years. And in a paradoxical way you could argue that we saw therefore we made but I digress.

I wasn’t born until 1991 but I don’t think I ever thought that far ahead, I think I was too busy trying to figure out that time to be worried about what my life would be like in 2015.

What did you think, about 2015, about the future, about where you would be?

Did you think we’d be on Mars by now or did you think you’d have won the lottery?

Or was it more subtle that that? Did you think we’d have taken out colds by now, or even that you’d have learned that second language you always wanted to.

What did you think of the future as a whole and your future?



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