I Could Use A Little Advice…

So, I’ve been doing a merry old dance recently, back and forth between having panic attacks and everything else where my books are concerned.

While I figure all of that out, I would like some advice on what you guys think of the books I’ve written so far.

Book 1 – “Leonard”.

Leonard Jackson has lived in Edinburgh all of his life and everything is boring and normal. So much so that he doesn’t even realise how much he’s let his childhood traumas affect his life right up to his mid-thirties. He might call it coping or others might say it’s denial, either way it’s all about to change when he gets a new friend, a new neighbour. Joanna Baxter moves in to the flat directly below Leonard and easily inserts herself into the dynamic he and his friend of ten years, George Holtby, have created for themselves. However, things do start to change and it unearths a lot of issues Leonard thought he’d buried. And they’re not about his lost confidence as a writer.

With the help of these two friends Leonard starts to see that maybe the past can stay there, maybe he’ll stop having weird dreams, maybe he’ll find a little happiness in his own existence other than just going through the motions.

Throw in some casual drug use, some sexual confusion, the odd death and I’d say there’s a book in here somewhere.

But, what do you guys think?

Do you want to know more, less?


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